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We are a Brazilian Cardano Pool trying to improve the world by fueling the unbanked dreams: 50% of profits from the pool are donated to a KIVA fund, learn more about it here.

AIDa Pool is secure, geo-optimized and run by Cardano enthusiasts. We're promoting ecosystem growth by providing opportunities to the poor and localized educational content about blockchain technology and Cardano for the general public.

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Key Features:

Pool Ticker: [AIDA]
Pool ID: 6881ef28ec87cfdfdebaff98d179dda04cb558d43a3ee9af24df45ec
Main Node Location: Brazil
Relay 1 Location: USA
Pledge: 8k ADA

Fixed Fee: 340 ADA

Variable Fee: 0%


What is Cardano?

As described at "Cardano is a blockchain platform for changemakers, innovators, and visionaries, with the tools and technologies required to create possibility for the many, as well as the few, and bring about positive global change".

It provides a smart contract platform run on blockchain, keeping in mind modern challenges such as Interoperability, Scalability and Sustainability. It all runs on an energy efficient Proof of Stake consensus algorithm and every line of code of the Cardano protocol was first theorized in peer-reviewed papers, then scrutinized by programmers and other companies in order to create high-assurance code standards. Visit our Glossary for more specific information.

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What do all these words mean?

The Blockchain space can be difficult to understand in the beginning. Here's a Glossary, so you know what all of the buzz words mean.

How do I buy ADA?

You'll need to buy it either from another person, or through an exchange.
There are various exchanges that accept it, with many pairings (USD, USDT, BTC, ETH and many others).
You can see a list of exchanges and its pairings at coinmarketcap's cardano page.

How do I Stake ADA?
After you've bought ADA, you'll need to:

  • Transfer your ADA to a Cardano compatible wallet, we recommend either Yoroi (light weight wallet) or Daedalus (full node wallet).

  • Go to the delegation center of your wallet.

  • Search for our pool ticker AIDA, and delegate to it.

  • Done! You'll now receive up to ~5% of yearly ADA rewards, while also helping the poor!

What is a pool?

A pool is a joint group of people who combine/delegate their "monetary resources" (also known as Stake) over the network to increase the probability of being a block producer in any given epoch (each epoch is 5 days). That is part of the Proof of Stake algorithm, if you want to know more about it, click here.

Rewards are distributed every epoch proportionally to how many blocks were produced by the pool, and by how much ADA you have staked in the pool.

What is Kiva?

Kiva is non-profit organization with a benevolent lending platform that lends to the poor with zero interest rates. Kiva received a 85.55% score on Charity Navigator.

Half of our profits goes to Kiva, and all money received back from Kiva goes back to other borrowers, creating an ever increasing force of good!

You can check their official website to learn more about the project. In
our Kiva profile, you can find more information on who we've already financed. In the Transparency Section you can check all the exact values.

Is AIDa Pool associated with Kiva?
No, AIDa Pool is not associated with Kiva in any way.
The reasons we have chosen to fund this specific non-profit organization are:

  • Good mission, aligned with our values (and even with Cardano's value);

  • Kiva received a 85.55% score on Charity Navigator.

  • Allows us to have a lasting and ever increasing impact on people's lives