How to delegate your Stake

Buy ADA from an Exchange

First step is to buy the Cardano token from an exchange.

To search for a good exchange, you can use coinmarketcap's list. In there, you'll see a plethora of options, all sorts of exchanges and coin pairs. BTC/ADA, BRL/ADA, USDT/ADA, etc etc.

Choose an exchange, and follow their steps to buy some ADA.

An image of coin market cap website, at Cardano Markets section

Set up your Yoroi Wallet

Second step is to either create or restore an existing Yoroi wallet.

Go to their official website, and download the browser extension from there.

When you install the extension, this is what you'll see when you enter it. Either connect a hardware (Ledger*, Trezor), create a wallet or restore an existing one using a seed phrase.

*Use Ledger Live to install Cardano app on your ledger, if you don't already have it installed.

Yoroi wallet. Wallet connection and creation page

Third step is to transfer the ADA from your exchange to your Yoroi wallet.

Follow the steps of your chosen exchange to withdraw ADA. Use your Yoroi address as the receiver.

To get your Yoroi address, go to the "Receive" section, and copy one of the addresses.

Receive section of Yoroi

Delegate to AIDa Pool

After transfering your funds form the exchange to your Yoroi wallet, the fourth step is to delegate your stake to us.

Go to the "Delegation List" section, and type "AIDA" in the search box.

When our AIDa pool appears, click "DELEGATE".

Delegation Center from Yoroi Wallet

A confirmation window will appear. Confirm you're staking with AIDa, and click "DELEGATE".

In order to delegate, you have to have a minimum of ~12.18 ADA. 0.17 ADA from transactions fees, 2 ADA from stake key registration (this is returned to you when you close the wallet) and a 10 ADA requirement.

Done! You're now helping to fund the unbanked with AIDa Pool!

Yoroi confirmation windows to stake to AIDa Pool