Rewards Table

​We are still a new pool, and we haven't produced a block yet (so, no rewards to distribute). Help us mint our first block by delegating to AIDa.
At around ~1 million ADA staked, we're almost guaranteed of always creating at least one block every epoch, and start providing good APY for our delegators while also really start helping poor people at Kiva through the fixed fees reward.

When we produce our first block, you'll be able to see it here.
Every block producing epoch, 50% of the profits are lent at Kiva.

2022 GOAL: fund Kiva with at least 10 thousand ADA.
We have financed a total of: 0 ADA.

Financing Table

You can check our Kiva Profile by clicking here. In there, you can see who we've financed, and their specific projects.

Every block producing epoch, 50% of the profits are lent at Kiva. All money returned from these loans are re-applied to other people from Kiva. We always loan the minimum 25 USD to each project, so it's easier to inspect our numbers through our profile.

Once in a while we also donate directly to Kiva to cover their remittance costs.

We have financed a total of 28,75 USD.

Disclaimer from 2021: we've pre-distributed our first 28,75 USD rewards, so you know we are serious about the project, and to display how our transparency section looks like.


We always deduct basic costs before donating 50% of the rewards to Kiva. Because of that, in order to increase transparency, we felt the need to disclose ours costs in a per-sector basis. No pro-labore or marketing cost is ever introduced in the calculation.

Nodes Costs: are the costs related to maintaining the cloud servers running smoothly, as well as the costs to keep the operation secure.

Website Costs: are the costs associated with keeping the website running. It includes hosting and domain.

Bureaucracy Costs: are the costs related to keeping the pool as a business running, in accordance to Brazilian laws.

IOF Tax: is a tax we need to pay every time a payment is sent to any international company/organization (in this case, Kiva).

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